We offer replica .30 caliber 1919 machine guns, .50 caliber mg's and    .50 cal gas simulator machine guns. World War II, Korean, and    Vietnam era military artillery, pedestal mounts, pivot pindal bolt    mounts, and transit boxes.

     All of our products are intricately hand crafted and unique.

    Bismarck Guns and Artillery offers you replica pieces that not only
    look real, but also fire black powder or the equivalency to bring you
    realism that will literaly shake the ground.

105mm Small Carriage

37mm Anti-Tank

105mm S.C. Night Fire

105mm S.C. - Slow motion

.30 Cal Gas Simulator

105mm Live Fire

Click scenes above for live fire Video

    Watch the videos above of the firing of some of our production
    artillery pieces. You will be amazed at the battle sounds and recoil
    of these monsters of the battlefield!

MVPA Member # 30738

Bismarck Guns and Artillery
Doug Green - Owner / Master Craftsman
509 Tomahawk Lane - Bismarck, Arkansas 71929
501-865-3700 or 501-282-6836
Email: greenk@catc.net

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